Minneapolis Metro Transit Officer Investigated for Immigration Questions

May 27th, 2017|USA|

By: Valerie Johnston In May 2017, video emerged of a Minneapolis Metro Transit officer asking pointed questions of a passenger, specifically whether he was in the United States legally. Minneapolis-based artist Ricardo Levins Morales, who shared the video on his Facebook wall, said that the officer under investigation was checking fares, but when he came [...]

Fate of 950,00 Haitians in America to be Determined Today

May 23rd, 2017|USA|

By: Valerie Johnston | Photo: Mysterypill/Flickr Just days before the final date (May 23) for deciding the fate of more than 950,000 Haitians in America, the Trump administration has begun making inquiries into the criminal history of the Haitian immigrant population as a whole. Living here under Temporary Protected Status since 2010 after the devastating January [...]

These 3 Factors Dominate Immigration Reform Debate in America

May 12th, 2017|USA|

By: Valerie Johnston Since U.S. President Trump’s campaign, immigration reform has been on everyone’s minds. Many Americans believe that the nation is in need of complete reform, while others argue that looser immigration policies is the answer. Trump has already begun dismantling certain protections set into place by former President Obama’s administration for immigrants, but [...]

Canada: The New Land of Opportunity?

May 4th, 2017|USA, Canada|

By: Valerie Johnston With the U.S. cracking down on immigration during President Trump’s first 100 days in office, a new light is being shed on the country’s neighbor to the north. Canada has long been an immigration-friendly nation, with more than 800,000 immigrants being recruited for the jobs market in just the past five years [...]

Texans Support Immigration, but Terms and Conditions Apply

April 23rd, 2017|USA|

By: Vivian Balkaron The 2017 Texas Lyceum Poll centres on 1,000 Texans’ attitudes towards immigration policy, the first of its kind in the poll’s 11 year history, and has some interesting insights to share. While 27% of Texans see immigration or border security as the most important issue facing the state, 62% believe that immigration [...]

Family-based Immigration More Prevalent in U.S. compared to Canada and Australia

April 18th, 2017|USA, Canada, Australia|

By: Vivian Balkaron OECD data shows that the US admits around four times the number of immigrants than Australia and Canada, though because this number represents a smaller percentage of the overall population (0.3% to Australia and Canada’s 1.1% and 0.7% respectively) the US is ultimately more ‘closed’ to immigration. Figures show that immigration policy [...]