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Vivian Balkaron immigrated from Venezuela to Canada in 2001, after political and economic turmoil threatened the lives of her and thousands of other families. Upon entering University in Canada, she immediately gravitated towards the topic she knew the most: International Relations. Fascinated by how countries interact with each other, she graduated in a field that continuously tries to connect an ever changing world.

Texans Support Immigration, but Terms and Conditions Apply

April 23rd, 2017|USA|

By: Vivian Balkaron The 2017 Texas Lyceum Poll centres on 1,000 Texans’ attitudes towards immigration policy, the first of its kind in the poll’s 11 year history, and has some interesting insights to share. While 27% of Texans see immigration or border security as the most important issue facing the state, 62% believe that immigration [...]

Family-based Immigration More Prevalent in U.S. compared to Canada and Australia

April 18th, 2017|USA, Canada, Australia|

By: Vivian Balkaron OECD data shows that the US admits around four times the number of immigrants than Australia and Canada, though because this number represents a smaller percentage of the overall population (0.3% to Australia and Canada’s 1.1% and 0.7% respectively) the US is ultimately more ‘closed’ to immigration. Figures show that immigration policy [...]

Migrant Detention in Canada: Some Languish in Maximum Security Jails

April 12th, 2017|Canada|

By: Vivian Balkaron A recent investigation highlights that Canada often places it's difficult-to-deport migrants in maximum security jails indefinitely as a result of their lack of policy for maximum detention length. The Canadian government, despite advice to the contrary given by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, have been disinclined to alter the policy for [...]