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Shy is a serial entrepreneur, a consultant specializing in information and knowledge dissemination, and an immigrant to Canada of over 30 years. Shy lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Link Between Immigrants and Swedish Crime Rates Not Yet Proven

March 14th, 2017|Europe|

By: Valerie Johnston In February 2017, U.S. President Trump made a suggestion that Sweden had been the site of a terrorist attack only the day prior, a suggestion that was untrue. Just the day before this speech, a Trump supporter mentioned on Fox News that Sweden’s recent hike of crime reports was largely due to [...]

Refugee Deal between Australia and U.S. May Carry On

March 12th, 2017|USA, Australia|

By: Valerie Johnston In late 2016, Australia cut a deal with former U.S. President Barak Obama that included the U.S. resettling 1,250 refugees from Australian-run camps in Nauru and Manus Island. In exchange, Australia was set to welcome refugees from various parts of South America. However, after the election of current President Trump, the deal [...]