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We are a team of internet researchers based in Toronto, Canada, with contributors who live in different countries around the world. We are passionate about creating valuable knowledge resources on a platform we call “Digital Gateways”. This web site is especially dear to us because some of us are 1st and 2nd generation immigrants!

If you are looking for resources about immigration to any country, and find it a bit confusing, Immigration Gateway is here to help.

Our team of specialists search, filter, curate and categorize links to internet sites that we visited and qualified for your benefit. We revisit those sites regularly to ensure they are still available and are relevant.

This site is not meant to be the final immigration knowledge resource, but instead we help you find a path to curated resources through our “gateway”.

We hope this site helps you with a journey of finding a new home and better life.

Shy Alter

Shy is an entrepreneur specializing in information and knowledge dissemination, with well over 25 years of developing web based content. Shy is also an immigrant to Canada. Shy lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Valerie Johnston

Valerie Johnston lives in East Texas and has been a professional writer for 10 years covering a wide range of topics including immigration and immigration law.

Deanna Cape

Deanna’s many talents also includes research. She is harnessing this talent to find, qualify and summarize a curated list of internet resources listed on our site. Deanna lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Vivian Balkaron

Vivian Balkaron immigrated from Venezuela to Canada in 2001, after political and economic turmoil threatened the lives of her and thousands of other families. Vivian is a editor and writer living and working in Beaumont, Canada.

Adrian Cotorobai

Adrian is a stickler for details. He makes it possible for Immigration Gateway to work smoothly by developing and managing our web site’s content publishing system.  Adrian works and lives in Bucharest, Romania.