By: Valerie Johnston

In just over a month, Canada is set to roll out a new immigration policy called Global Talent Stream, designed to help tech sector employers find highly skilled workers all over the world and get them to Canada faster. Previously, even the express entry program designed in 2015 required applicants to wait six months to receive residency in Canada. Now, tech employers could have the brightest new talent in the country in about two weeks.

This new policy was designed well before the recent U.S. presidential election; however, President Trump’s first 100 days in office have made the introduction of the Global Talent Stream program even more exciting for Canada. America is now cracking down on immigration, cutting the legs off its H-1B visa that made the country a land of opportunity for skilled workers from around the world. With America no longer a great option for many, all eyes are slowly turning north, where Canada is more than ready to recruit the skilled labour that America is losing out on.

The tech industry is growing in Canada, with major names like Hootsuite and Slack having been founded in Canada’s own “Silicon Valley of the North”.  The President of Information Technology Association of Canada, Robert Watson, was hopeful when asked about the current status of immigration in the U.S., and how it will affect Canada. Some dissenters say that the Global Talent Stream may make it harder for Canadian citizens to find jobs in the tech sector, which has prompted an audit into the system of hiring temporary workers. Most of the country remains optimistic that the coinciding of America’s immigration ban, and the introduction of the Global Talent Stream, could catapult Canada into the forefront of best countries for up and coming talent.